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3 ways to rekindle your blogging mojo

I’m sure it’s happened to us all – we know we need to blog, but there just isn’t anything to blog about.
Or is there?
I’ve had an inspiration drought over the last few months, but I’ve found three ways to get my blogging mojo firing again:

1. Revisit old content
Read through some old blog posts and ask yourself:
  • Is there something I can cover in more detail?
  • Are there posts that could be updated and refreshed as a new post?
  • Can I spin a new blog post out of a comment left on a previous post?
2. Answer questions
3 ways to rekindle your blogging mojo
Every industry has frequently asked questions (FAQs), so why not answer a few in your next blog post? If you already have a FAQ page on your website, check out Quora or LinkedIn Answers for some inspiration.
3. Repurpose
Have you run webinars or taken part in radio interviews? Maybe you’ve been podcasting?
Why not get them transcribed, then add the transcript as a new blog post? Not only does it give you a blog post, you can showcase your expertise at the same time!
Those are my three tips on how to rekindle your blogging mojo, but what do you do?

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